Undoubtedly domain extensions such as .com and .org will always be the leading one, however, they are comparatively less available in today’s world of the market. Due to less availability, many businesses are selecting millions of other options from the new domain extensions such as.live , .reviews, .videos, and much more. There are a variety of benefits provided by the new domain extensions such as it enhances the market value, helps in increasing the SEO ranking and increasing the number of customers ultimately. The emergence of the new domain extensions made it a lot easier for the new businesses to register a relevant domain name. These new domain extensions play a profound role in branding the business. Also, to acquire these new domain extensions no extra money is needed; therefore, it is the prime choice.

Some Facts and Figures

Many studies have been conducted in order to discover the awareness of both the mature and well-established dot com domain extensions and the new domain extensions as well. Approximately around 95 percent of the consumers were acquainted with the .com domain extensions as it is more popular and trustworthy, however, .org and .net are also common and around 85 percent of the people are aware of these. Also, around 95 percent of the people are acquainted with the country code domain extensions because they are commonly used in local regions. These new domain extensions are although new to the market of Search Engine Optimization but due to the availability and due to the better branding through them, the new domain extensions are being used worldwide.

Awareness Due to Diverse Advantages

In today’s world, the legacy domain extensions such as .com are less available and if hardly accessible, they are usually not relevant to the business type and makes it too long to remember. Therefore, the new domain extensions gained popularity because it increased the probability of enhancing ranking and branding of the business. New domain extensions enable the business to enhance their online presence with more clear and relevant brand domain name. It helps in increasing the number of local customers if using a country code top-level domain extension. Also, using a business type domain extension helps the customer to easily find your specific service by searching through any search engine because using a business type domain extension help in increasing the ranking and enhancing the visibility.