What Real Estate Licenses Are Required in Texas

Practicing real estate in Texas requires a license. To obtain a Texas real estate license, you must complete classroom hours, pass a prelicensing exam and submit an application to the Texas Real Estate Commission. Two types of licenses enable you to sell real estate in Texas: a sales agent license and a broker license. Real […]

Tips on Buying a Beach Condo in Puerto Rico

White sandy beaches, balmy year-round temps, glitzy hotels, an eclectic Caribbean Spanish culture and architectural remnants of its colonial past shape Puerto Rico as a truly one-of-a-kind destination, with compelling investment and lifestyle appeal for U.S. citizens. Because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, there are no restrictions on Americans acquiring property […]

How to find a good roommate

No one will argue that the issue of finding a roommate for a joint tenancy is serious enough. You have to spend with them most of your time, so it is very important that you are right for each other in character and you would be comfortable in each other’s company. Below, we give you […]

How to Avoid Overpaying For A New Home

As the market starts to heat up across the country, many buyers fear falling in love with a home and then overpaying to snatch it off the market. If you want to avoid overpaying for your next home, follow these tips: Include an appraisal contingency. Price-conscious buyers should always ask their real estate agents to […]

Getting To The Point – Houses

Investing in Florida’s Real Estate If you want a property with a warm and sunny weather environment whole year round, the state of Florida is the best location. With the rate becoming pretty affordable, the real estate market is gaining popularity and appreciation again. The style of homes, area to live, and lifestyle itself, makes […]

Real Estate Licenses You Would Need in Florida

Selling real estate in Florida requires a real estate license. Obtaining your Florida real estate license is a fairly quick and painless process, though it does require completing pre-licensing classroom hours, either in person or online, and passing an exam. The number of hours required and the difficulty of the exam depend on whether you […]

Real Estate Licenses You Would Need in California

A license is required to practice real estate in California. The prerequisites for obtaining a license include completing specific college-level coursework, passing a written examination, and applying for and undergoing a background check with the state. California offers two levels of real estate licenses: a salesperson license and a broker license. California Real Estate Salesperson […]

Best Real Estate Lawyers in Manhattan

The New York City real estate market is notorious for its transactional complexity. Whether you are looking to purchase a condo or an apartment in a co-op, a commercial space or a multifamily residential building, managing your risks and protecting all your interests and rights is a nearly insurmountable challenge without a competent lawyer by […]

How FIRPTA Changes Will Impact the Real Estate Sector

Foreign investors have been flocking to the perceived safe haven of U.S real estate in recent years, and recent legislative changes are likely to accentuate the trend. Tax changes that were implemented in December 2015 to remove certain tax disincentives foreign investors faced under the so-called Foreign Investment in Real Property Act, or FIRPTA, when […]

Why It May Be Easier to Get One Now

The Problem To understand why this news is so important, you first have to understand the problem. Fannie and Freddie, as they are known, don’t lend money. A consumer would never call them to get a good-faith estimate on an upcoming home purchase. Instead, Fannie and Freddie are publicly traded companies created by Congress that […]

How They Work

A house is probably the single largest investment you will ever make, and if you’re like most, you’ll need a mortgage to finance it. Mortgages are loans that are secured by specified real estate – namely, the house that the loan is being used to purchase. Depending on factors like your credit score, employment history […]

Companies that Graduated from Micro Cap to Small

Investors willing to assume the risks of investing in micro-cap stocks need to develop the self-discipline to research those companies and avoid impulse buying. Conducting adequate due diligence, giving serious consideration to the advice provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for micro-cap investing and restricting investments to stocks listed on major exchanges can […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent

A commercial real estate agent’s job is much different from that of a residential real estate agent. Generally, selling or leasing commercial property takes a significantly longer time, and commercial real estate agents must provide substantial analytical data and financial information. Agents can work on their own, for a real estate services firm or for […]