Is It Worth to Consider New Domain Extensions for Your Business Site?

From removal of domain extension by ICANN in 2011, there has been an influx in not com domain registration. With all those years, dot com dominance is still static. Is it a bad idea or is just teething problems of the new extensions? Notably, large organizations such as Google and Apple are moving from .com to establishment of their extensions. For instance, recently, Google registered .xyz domain.
Are the new domain extensions worth it? Read more to know:

What are the pros of non-dot-com domain extensions

  • Uniqueness and meaningfulness

Every person loves uniqueness. The dot com provides you with an opportunity for your online business to stand out from the rest. It makes your brand to appear unique and appealing. In particular, the not com extension help to pull traffic on clients already fed up with the dot-com. Also, considering that almost all short names in dot com have been taken, the not com gives you a space to create a meaningful and memorable domain name.

For instance, if your business name is The Feel Free boutique and salon, with dot com, the only available URLs would be thefeelfreeboutiqueandsalon.com or thefeelfreeboutiqueandsalon.net. Such URLs are cumbersome and hard to recall when a prospective client wants to access more information about your business.

With the new domain extensions, it is now easy to create meaningful and memorable site addresses. As the owner of the firm mentioned above, you can create a unique domain such as ‘feelfree.salon.’ Also, you can develop a second URL to represent your boutique brands which would be ‘feelfree.boutique.’ Hence, the not com help you to come up with uniqueness and easily separate your brands or products for easier marketing.

  • A show of innovativeness

People get tired of the status quo. They love associating with innovations. For example, when digital TVs emerged, anyone owning such property attracted some respect and honor from the rest. Similarly, adopting new extensions pulls a crowd to you particularly those tired with the current status quo. For long, people have known dot-com. Giving them a not dot com is like changing their usual diet which has bored them.

Accordingly, a not com extension shows your clients and prospective that you are an innovative business. As such, your business gains additional value and respect from those already tired of the status quo. Hence, these new extensions create innovative business reputation dot com could not have achieved. If you don’t know which extension you should use, take a look at Shopify‘s domains name generator to get inspired. 

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Cons of the new extensions

In spite of being a good idea to have a not com extension, in some instances, it may be the worst error you ever made in your business. Here are some demerits of the new extensions.

  • Loss of customer to competitor

While as you may be creative in developing a not com domain extension, you need to be more careful. A little error may lead to losing customers to your competitors. Particularly, when your business name and that of competitors are alike, such as ‘feelfreesalon.com’ and ‘feelfree.salon’ the clients may consider the later a hoax and prefer the first one. As a result, you may lose your traffic and customers to the competitor.

  • Likely to find yourself on the wrong side of the law

Taking a not com like the one mentioned above may attract legal implications. Your competitor can sue your business for copyright infringement. Also, some industries do not allow the use of particular words on web addresses. For instance, you cannot use a .expert in the financial sector. As such, without precise precautions, your business may collide with the laws causing unrecoverable losses on it.


In whole, the worthiness of new domain extensions lies on your creativity and business purpose. Prior precautions are necessary when deciding on the extension to purchase or to register. As such, you need to explore the extension name you want to use before implementing the idea.


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